Eye Bolts

An eye bolt is a bolt with a loop at one of the ends. It is usually used to attach an eyebolt to a structure so that a cable or wire can be tied to it.

There are many different variations of an eyebolt, such as:

Dynamo Eye bolt: A dynamo eyebolt will have a larger eye hole than usual and have the name of a Dynamo eye bolt because they were originally used to safely lift Dynamo motors vertically.

Palm Eye bolts: A palm eye bolt is an eyebolt with two straight sides.

Collared eye bolts: The collared eye bolts are mainly used in lots of lifting applications they enable a safe means of lifting by allowing a lifting point so equipment can then be attached, and products lifted safely.

Shackle eye bolts: Shackle eye bolts have curved sides; these are mostly used in the lifting industry and have been for years.

Pigtail eye bolts: Pigtail eye bolts are mainly used for the suspension of pipes and conduits, mostly used underground.

Machinery eye bolts: A machinery eye bolt is fully threaded; these can be used for angular loads up to a 45-degree angle.

The most common types of eye bolts that are used in industrial applications are also nut bolts and screw eye bolts. All eye bolts come in two types of styles plain and shoulder. Each of these does come in different sizes.

As you have read above eye bolts come in various designs, the correct type of eyebolt must be used for the correct job. Each eye bolt used must ensure that it exceeds the working load limit for the job required.

Eye bolt screws
Eye bolt screws